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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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December 11
My Life for the Lord (continued)
December 12
My Life for the Lord (continued)
December 13
My Life for the Lord (continued)
December 14
My Life for the Lord (continued)
December 15
My Life for the Lord (continued)
December 16
My Life for the Lord (continued)
December 17
My Life for the Lord (continued)


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Mission Update

Mission Update: May 2013


Please pray for the mission team as they travel to Haiti for a week of pastor training, evangelistic work, and medical service.  They will be working in the Carrefour area, in churches led by the Senior Pastor Henri Louis.  Pastor Henri has worked with us for several years in pastor training.  He is the author of an authoritative book on voodoo in Haiti, and has spearheaded efforts to win the lost to Christ.  Carrefour in southwestern Haiti was the epicenter of the 2010 earthquake, and many people lost their lives and their homes in the region. There is still much destruction apparent in that area.


On this trip, the team will also be visiting the Christian School near Hinche in the Central Plateau. This area of Haiti is higher in elevation, and is very beautiful, but also very impoverished.  Jemps Maignan, a Haitian-American, has led the development of this project through his organization God's Planet for Haiti.  Radio Bible Hour helps Jemps with a monthly stipend, and he has accomplished a lot for the people of that region. Jemps believes, as we do, that we should not do something for someone that they can do for themselves.  In the school which he established, parents and families of the children are required to participate in the building projects, and in the maintenance and operation of the school.  Radio Bible Hour helps out with supplies, and materials, as needed, but the labor is provided by the people. 


The medical services will be rendered by the Carson-Newman University Nursing Program.  Their leader and coordinator for this trip is Sue McBee, of the Nursing School at C-N. Sue is a faithful Christian, teacher, and skilled nurse.  The group is honored to have Dr. Randall O'Brien, President of Carson-Newman, accompanying them on this trip. Dr. O'Brien is a true servant-leader, and will be helping in pastor training, and serving with the medical team.  


Please pray for the group as they seek to serve Christ by serving those who are in need of Him. The will be in Haiti, working, through the 28th of May.