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Sunday, March 26, 2017
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Date: Topic: Scripture:
March 20
Wrapped Up in God - Part 4
Psalm 91:1
March 21
In Safe Deposit -
Part 1
Matthew 6:20
March 22
In Safe Deposit -
Part 2
Matthew 6:19-20
March 23
Obadiah, Servant of God
I Kings 18:1-15
March 24
The Great Mysteries of the Bible
Ephesians 5:32
March 25
A Need for Revival in America -
Part 1
II Chronicles 7:14
March 26
A Need for
Revival in America -
Part 2
Chronicles 7:14


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Video Sermons of Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith shares with us the truth that anyone can understand the Bible if they are willing to follow Jesus Christ.
God has made it clear that the Judgment Day is coming for the world in the future. What will that be like if you do not know His Son as your Savior? Dr. Smith shares with us what the Bible says what that terrible day will be like for the unbeliever in this segment from a message in 2000.

When you get off the exit of this life, what direction will you be heading in? What will you have to say in the hour you face a holy God? Dr. J. Harold Smith shares with us his answer and encourages us to think of what our words will be on that fearful day.
J Harold Smith preaching on the Swelling of Jordan in 2000. What is death like? Where will you be after that final breath?