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Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Broadcasting This Week on the Radio Bible Hour:

Date: Topic: Scripture:
December 25
Special Christmas message
 Luke 2
December 26
How Will We Treat the Holy Spirit?
 Matthew 12:32
December 27
Will America Fall?   
Isaiah 64:6
December 28
God's Word for Everyday     
Isaiah 41:10
December 29
Life's Highway
Isaiah 30:20-21
December 30
The Journey of Life
Psalm 23
December 31
Count Your Blessings
Philippians 4:1


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Books and Video


The Radio Bible Hour has many print and video materials produced by Dr. J. Harold Smith available. Most notably is our magazine The Good Neighbor, a monthly publication with articles from Dr. J. Harold Smith, Dr. Don Smith, and more. Click here to learn more about The Good Neighbor. To obtain one of these items, contact us and request the item by title or by item number.


These books by Dr. J. Harold Smith are available for a gift of $10.00 per book to the Radio Bible Hour.

Item Number


ZZ100 "God's Three Deadlines"
ZZ200 "God's Finger on the Floor"
ZZ300 "Consider Jesus"
ZZ400 "Fast Your Way to Health"
ZZ500 "The Time of My Life" (Dr. Smith's autobiography)
ZZ600 "Daily Bible Reading Outlines"
     (how to read the Bible through in a year)
ZZ700 "God's Way to Victory"
ZZ800 "Smith Sayings - Volume I"
ZZ825 "Smith Sayings - Volume II"
ZZ900 "Why Do Christians Suffer?"
ZZ925 "The Anti-Christ in Prophecy"
ZZ935 "The Life of Jesus in the New Testament"
ZZ930 "Your Christian Life"


VHS Tapes

We also have the following VHS video tapes available for a gift of $20.00 per VHS tape to the Radio Bible Hour.

Item Number


SR99CWP1 "Coffee with the Parson" (Volume 1)
SR99CWP2 "Coffee with the Parson" (Volume 2)
SR99CWP3 "Coffee with the Parson" (Volume 3)
SR99CWP4 "Coffee with the Parson" (Volume 4)
SROFVID1 "An Old Fashion Revival"
SROFVID2 "Old Fashion Sin"
SROFVID3 "Old Fashion Redemption"
SRVIDEO1 "God's Three Deadlines" (90 minute video)
SRVIDEO2 "What Do You Think?"
SRVIDEO3 "Asleep in the Devil's Crib"



The following DVD's from Dr. J. Harold Smith are available for a gift of $20.00 per DVD to the Radio Bible Hour.
(Watch for more DVD's coming soon.)

DVD7 "God's Three Deadlines"
DVD2 "What Do You Think?"
DVD3 "Asleep in the Devil's Crib"
DVD900 "In the Beginning" & "The Love of God Endures"
DVD901 "Is Heaven Real" & "Let Me Alone"
DVD902 "The Fear of God" & "Who is Jesus Christ?"
"The Glory of God in the Face of Jesus" & "The Angels of the Bible"
DVD904 "The Home That Went Down" & "Set Thy House in Order"
"No Shortages in God's Power" & "The Man Christ Sent Home"
DVD906 "Tempted of the Devil" & "Christ Defamed"
"The Mistake of Your Life" & "God Knows Where You Are"
DVD908 "The Man (or Woman) God Can Use" & "When God Departs"
"The Price of Redemption" & "The Empty Seat" 
"Thou" & Waiting to Die"
DVD911                     "Greater Than Solomon" & "Rubbish"
DVD912 "God's Bathtub" & "Hanged on His Own Gallows" 
DVD913 "A Cleansing Fountain" & "Abandoned by the Lord"
DVD914 "Take Heed" & "How to Get Out of the Pit"
DVD915 "Trapped by Satan" & "Where Will You Abide?"
DVD916 "Defiled by God" & "What Shall I Render Unto God?"
DVD917 "The Hard Way" & "Fear Verses Faith"
DVD918 "Entering God's Family" & "If God Be For Us"
DVD919 "Satan's Third Degree" & "Jesus Christ, the Only Answer"
DVD920 "Separation from the World" & "Is Hell Real?"
 "Be Careful for Nothing" & "The Call of the Publican"
DVD922 "Going Well" & "Seeing God"
DVD923 "Nothing To Fear" & "Salvation"
DVD924 "Going to Hell In A Wheelbarrow" & "Our God, A Consuming Fire"
DVD925 "How Great Is Your Faith?" & "At Ease in Zion"
DVD926 "Two Roads" & "Idle Words"
"Sower of Tares" & "Watching Jesus Die"
DVD928 "Thank You Lord" & "Salvation"
DVD929 "Are You Ready?" & "Sinners, Dumb Before God"
DVD930 "The Restless Sinner" & "What Have I Done?"


We also have the following DVD's from Dr Don Smith available for $20.00. These DVD's are an extended video version of Dr. Smith's monthly The Good Neighbor article.


DVD-100 "The Truth about Self"
DVD-101 "To Honor the Parents"
DVD-102  "Why Do Foreign Mission Work?"